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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

One Direction girlfriends Lucy Horobin affair with Harry Styles revealed

One Direction girlfriends Lucy Horobin affair with Harry Styles revealed

One Direction girlfriends Lucy Horobin affair with Harry Styles revealed. The popular curly-haired singer from 1 Direction member did have an affair with married DJ Lucy Horobin last year we can reveal.

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One Direction Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are currently touring with one of the most successful tours in recent history.

One Directions girlfriend Lucy Horobin affair with Harry Styles Revelation

The latest One Direction girlfriends revelation has stoked up lots of posts on social media everywhere. Lucy, who is 32 years old has received a tirade of abuse from Harry's hardcore fans. Many have been sending abusive twitters to her and seem particularly upset that at 32 she should not be having an affair with a 17 year old, especially as she is married.

The "Up All Night" singer met Horobin, when she interviewed the band for Manchester-based station Key 103 last August. She had been married for over a year to partner Oliver Pope. The affair was rumoured to be brief and she still remains with her husband although this news may put a lot of pressure on the relationship. One Direction girlfriends will also not be too pleased as this sort of news can cause many anxieties.

Lucy twittered on the social-networking site : "'To clarify, I haven't said ANYTHING to any press, nor do I wish to. Thank you to those of you who have said kind words today. Xxx."

A former colleague of hers said: ‘Apparently Lucy and Harry hit it off from the moment the boys walked into the studio – it was electric and they were flirting like crazy.
One Directions girlfriend Lucy Horobin affair with Harry Styles revealed 
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‘Lucy made it very clear she fancied him and there was a lot of banter between the two of them both on and off air. It got a little risque.

‘She is a really fun girl with loads of personality and she’s not at all shy about coming forward and making sure she gets what she wants.
Lucy Horobin and One Direction Harry Styles
‘People knew that Lucy’s marriage was in a strange place at the time and obviously the attraction between her and Harry was mutual.

‘She looks just like George Clooney’s ex, Lisa Snowdon, and that sophisticated “older woman” look obviously appeals to Harry.’ This is probably related to his previous affair with older woman Caroline Flack.

Horobin and Styles met secretly at a hotel in Manchester, where they reportedly spent a night together. It is understood they met again in December – after Styles had started dating Miss Caroline Flack – when One Direction returned to the city for another concert.

Horobin has since changed her job and now works at Heart South Coast FM’s studios in Fareham, Hants. She has not returned to work since the news was revealed. Co-host Jason King explained her absence to listeners by saying: "Over the weekend you may have picked something up in the newsagents and read something which may have shocked you.

“I’d like to confirm the rumours are true and she has taken time off — to read Fifty Shades of Grey (a best-selling saucy novel) and tell us all about it tomorrow.” See details of Fifty Shades Of Grey PDF book here. Bosses have refused to say when she will return.

There have been a number of stories regarding One Direction girlfriends as would be expected from a hugely successful group. See One Direction girlfriends Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) kiss revealed at long last!

What do you think to this One Direction news. Is the thirty two year old suitable material for Harry? Would you make a better girlfriend than her? Let us know your thoughts below. Please click the google+ icon below if you appreciate this site on 1Direction. Thanks for your support. Here are some special One Direction Videos for all the girlfriends

One Direction girlfriends Lucy Horobin affair with Harry Styles revealed

Saturday, 26 May 2012

One Direction girlfriends: Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) kiss revealed!

One Direction girlfriends: Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) kiss revealed!

One Direction girlfriends: Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) kiss revealed at long last!

Zayn Malik (One Direction) has been photographed kissing girlfriend Perrie Edwards of Little Mix. (See There have been a number of rumours of their relationship and now we have the proof.
The famous twosome were spotted smooching as they had an emotional farewell in London yesterday.
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Although they have managed so far to keep details of their romance under wraps, it appears they're not so keen to hide it anymore.

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards has admitted she was extremely embarrassed by the release of the pictures of her kissing One Direction star Zayn Malik.
The One Direction girlfriend, from The X Factor girl band and the 1D heartthrob have gone public with their relationship as it was impossible to hide once the photos were revealed. The pictures show them kissing goodbye as he prepared to fly to the US with the rest of the band.
One Direction girlfriends: Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) kiss revealed 
The 18 year old Little Mix star tried to brush off her blushes as she played matchmaker to single band mate Leigh-Anne Pinnock.
Perrie commented: "Well to be fair I didn't like the photograph because I looked rank, so I am a bit gutted that they catch you off guard. Obviously everyone knows that me and Zayn are together and I'm really happy.
One Directions Girlfriend of Zayn Malik Perrie Edwards of Little Mix
"But I'm not going to go into detail and talk about it too much - but Leigh-Anne's single you can hook her up!" Perhaps she could pair up with one of the other 1Direction lads and become another One Direction girlfriend.
Zayn, 19, and Belle Amies Geneva Lane have previously been involved together and photos of them kissing have been revealed in the past
Leigh-Anne said she is looking for a Justin Bieber lookalike to date.
She laughed: "I'd like to go out with Justin Bieber - someone like that - hook me up!
"Oh yeah, he's with Selena [Gomez] isn't he.
"I'm single and I'm happy so if the right one comes along, the right one comes along."
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Let us know your views on this latest story. What do you think of the news regarding One Direction girlfriends: Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) kiss revealed

Saturday, 28 April 2012

One Direction Girlfriends : Harry Styles Emma Ostilly secret

One Direction Girlfriends : Harry Styles Emma Ostilly secret 

One Direction girlfriend of Harry Styles, Emma Ostilly may have been caught out! Poor old 1Direction's Harry Styles was a little bit "sheepish" as he was asked questions by a local interviewer. Little did he know that photographs had also been taken.
One Direction Harry Styles girlfriend Emma Ostilly

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Interviewer: "Where were you at 12:30 this morning, Harry?"
Harry: "No--"
Interviewer: "Yes."
Harry: "No, it wasn't that late."
Interviewer: "Wasn't it? What time were you in bed?"
Harry: "Umm.. I was in bed by like, 11."
One Direction Girlfriend Emma Ostilly with Harry Styles
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Interviewer: "You were not."
Interviewer 2: "Right."
Interviewer: "2:15 AM this morning? Weird sightings?"
Harry: "No, no, no.."
Interviewer 3: "I heard you were out my local last night, a place called the Gypsy Tea Room, have a quiet beer down there."
Harry: "" -laughs-
Interviewer 3: "Well somebody is bullshitting."
Harry: "Some body's lying... who knows."
Interviewer 3: "So you didn't go to the Gypsy Tea Room?"
Harry: "No, I did, I did go for a drink."
Harry Styles kisses girlfriend Emma Ostilly
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Interviewer 3: "And were the people respectful? Were you allowed to lift the line?"
Harry: "Oh, yeah, yeah they were really nice, yeah."
Interviewer 3: "Oh good, and you were there with your friend. Your old girlfriend who's in New Zealand." Harry: "Oh, no she's not in New Zealand, she's just a friend."
Interviewer 3: "Right."
Interviewer: "So she's not a New-Zealander?"
Harry: "No, she's not a New Zealander."
Interviewer: "What's she doing over here?"
Harry: "She's working over here."
Interviewer: "Oh is she?"
Harry: "Yeah."
Interviewer: "Well she's like one of the luckiest girls ever."
Interviewer 3: "Right, well, what does she do? Or do you prefer not to talk about her?"
Harry: "I prefer not to talk about her ...
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We try to bring you all the latest news regarding One Direction Girlfriend but we do appreciate any information you may have. Contact us or leave any comments below. Is Emma the right girl for Harry in your opinion? Do you know any other information regarding One Direction girlfriends?

Thursday, 19 April 2012

One Direction Liam Payne and girlfriend Danielle Peazer

One Direction Liam Payne and girlfriend Danielle Peazer

One Direction Liam Payne and girlfriend Danielle Peazer are in a relationship but just how hard is it to have a girlfriend when your in a successful touring band?
One Direction Liam Payne and girlfriend Danielle Peazer
Girlfriend Danielle Peazer and Liam Page are happy to be in love.
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This video shows One Directions Liam Payne's long term girlfriend and him together.
Danielle recently posted a photo of her and Liam on twitter. She commented: 'Crazy day, a bit of Pixie Lott fun and then an unexpected chaotic night! Xx
'However, I did notice I reached 300k followers! Thank you for following me, lots of love xx
'Most of all, Thank You :)
'I promised a picture, and you'd all rather see him than just me anyway! Ha ha. Good night world xxx'

The young couple met when Liam appeared on The X Factor in 2010 with Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Niall Horan.
Many fans really love Danielle and Liam together and think they are an adorable real couple that deserve support. Others have not felt the same as Danielle has snapped up one of the worlds hottest band members. Being a girlfriend of One Direction band members is not easy.
She has received a number of death threats and again has made many posts on twitter regarding her relationship with One Directions Liam Payne. She wrote:  ‘To tweet someone telling them to ‘go die’ is disgusting. I don’t care if you hate me but keep it to yourself rather than tweeting me.’
One Directions Liam Payne and girlfriend Danielle Peazer
She also responded to another of her followers, saying: ‘There will always be people that will hate me. I’m a big believer in karma too, do good and good will come 2 u xx’
In another incident she retorted to a fan who told her she wasn’t pretty enough to date one of the boys, writing: 'Liam is lucky to have fans as dedicated as u r. If it makes u feel better to call me ‘not pretty’ then that’s OK. :)
The backing dancer for The Saturdays and Jessie J has endured many death threats and name calling from jealous 1D fans in recent months.

She added: 'You don’t know every detail about Liam. He has a right to keep some things private. Hating me won’t make him love you :) xxx
'I won’t tell Liam. Millions of girls want Liam's attention so I’m not going to give u the satisfaction of getting it easily.'
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This video is just an assortment of pictures of them and clips of Liam talking about her set to the song Wonderwall originally by Oasis but covered by Alex Goot. If there are some out there that don't like Liam and Danielle for some reason then we would suggest not watching it because it may upset you. Anyway we hope you enjoy the video and feel free to leave comments and make requests below.
Meanwhile other One Direction girlfriends include Eleanor Calder who is also in a steady relationship with Louis Tomlinson. See our other posts for details.
Please leave your comments below regarding One Direction Liam Payne and girlfriend Danielle Peazer.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One Direction Girlfriends and ex-girlfriends

One Direction Girlfriends and ex-girlfriends

One Direction Girlfriends and ex-girlfriends are contained in this video with a great soundtrack. The One Direction lads have been linked to quite a few famous ladies, and some not so well known, since the lovable lads shot to fame on The X Factor, back in 2010. It is common knowledge that Harry Styles and Caroline Flack have gone their separate ways. Also, we are largely aware Zayn Malik once dated Rebecca Ferguson. But just who else have the 1 Direction boys dated? Do they have time for romance while they’re on their current One Direction tour?
One Direction Girlfriends
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One Direction have become a massive phenomenon and are receiving worldwide adulation at the moment as they take the title of top boy band in the world at the present time. Are you a true fan of the boys? Perhaps you know who are the latest ladies in their lives. Show us your knowledge and leave your comments below. Have you heard the latest news on One Direction Girlfriends?
Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik are idolised where ever they go and have broken a few hearts on the way. In this video we see some of the One Direction Girlfriends that have made it into the boys lives but some have fell by the wayside. It begs the question, what does a girl have to do to ensure they remain a One Direction girlfriend? Perhaps you could leave some suggestions below.
What would you do and would you like to become one of the One Direction Girlfriends?

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Liam Payne of One Direction talks about missing his girlfriend

One Directions Liam Payne's girlfriend, Zayn’s dancing and of course, BOOBIES!

One Direction Girlfriends are always an interesting news item. We bring you Liam Payne girlfriend news and other goodies regarding Zayn Malik and the other 1 Direction lads. We bring you the latest from Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik

One Direction on tour missing girlfriends

The One Direction star missing his girlfriend.
Is One Direction's Liam feeling the pressure? Nah, how can he be when there's this much DANCING?
Liam Payne talks candidly about being in a relationship and how he finds the hardest part is being away from home. Did you know the name of Liam Payne's girlfriend?
Liam has been teaching Zayn to dance and Liam feels he is a master of dance and has overtaken Liam, as he is very creative and has mastered the head spin move.
What do you think to Louis "Stop the traffic and let the people through" dance move?
We were a bit concerned about the dance move called the sprinkler but it turns out it was much better and different to what we had anticipated! Cool move Louis.
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We all know Liam is a nice guy and it comes as no surprise that he is missing his girlfriend. Lucky girl being One Direction Liam Payne's girlfriend!
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One Directions Niall Horan talks about his first girlfriend

One Direction's Niall Horan Girlfriend. He talks about girlfriends, and his first kiss and celebrity crush

One Direction Niall Horan girlfriend news is announced in this open and frank interview video.
One Direction's Niall Horan tells Sugarscape about his first kiss and celebrity crush

One Direction Niall's girlfriends
One Direction's Irish charmer Niall Horan talks to Sugarscape about girlfriends and his first ever kiss, and reveals which celeb he had a huge crush on! Dis you know about all the Niall Horan girlfriends?
Niall's first kiss was with an exchange student from France, when he was just 11 years old. She was staying at a friends house. Lucky girl. I'm jealous.
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Anyone else out there who wants to be a One Direction Girlfriend?
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