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Saturday, 28 April 2012

One Direction Girlfriends : Harry Styles Emma Ostilly secret

One Direction Girlfriends : Harry Styles Emma Ostilly secret 

One Direction girlfriend of Harry Styles, Emma Ostilly may have been caught out! Poor old 1Direction's Harry Styles was a little bit "sheepish" as he was asked questions by a local interviewer. Little did he know that photographs had also been taken.
One Direction Harry Styles girlfriend Emma Ostilly

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Interviewer: "Where were you at 12:30 this morning, Harry?"
Harry: "No--"
Interviewer: "Yes."
Harry: "No, it wasn't that late."
Interviewer: "Wasn't it? What time were you in bed?"
Harry: "Umm.. I was in bed by like, 11."
One Direction Girlfriend Emma Ostilly with Harry Styles
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Interviewer: "You were not."
Interviewer 2: "Right."
Interviewer: "2:15 AM this morning? Weird sightings?"
Harry: "No, no, no.."
Interviewer 3: "I heard you were out my local last night, a place called the Gypsy Tea Room, have a quiet beer down there."
Harry: "" -laughs-
Interviewer 3: "Well somebody is bullshitting."
Harry: "Some body's lying... who knows."
Interviewer 3: "So you didn't go to the Gypsy Tea Room?"
Harry: "No, I did, I did go for a drink."
Harry Styles kisses girlfriend Emma Ostilly
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Interviewer 3: "And were the people respectful? Were you allowed to lift the line?"
Harry: "Oh, yeah, yeah they were really nice, yeah."
Interviewer 3: "Oh good, and you were there with your friend. Your old girlfriend who's in New Zealand." Harry: "Oh, no she's not in New Zealand, she's just a friend."
Interviewer 3: "Right."
Interviewer: "So she's not a New-Zealander?"
Harry: "No, she's not a New Zealander."
Interviewer: "What's she doing over here?"
Harry: "She's working over here."
Interviewer: "Oh is she?"
Harry: "Yeah."
Interviewer: "Well she's like one of the luckiest girls ever."
Interviewer 3: "Right, well, what does she do? Or do you prefer not to talk about her?"
Harry: "I prefer not to talk about her ...
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